Orillia Common Roof Living Wall Receives a Boost With a Donation From Honda Canada Manufacturing

The Living Wall fund for the Orillia Common Roof received a boost recently with a donation from Honda of Canada Manufacturing.

New Path Foundation received the $5200 contribution to support the development costs of this unique interior plant scape for their Orillia co-location and multi-service facility located at 169 Front Street South.

A Living Wall is a vertical hydroponic green wall which effectively removes common indoor contaminants to improve the indoor environment. Air is forced through the green wall of plants and biological components cleaning the air which is then distributed throughout the space by a mechanical ventilation system. Since the clean indoor air does not need further heating or cooling as outside air would require, substantial energy costs for building energy consumed would be reduced by 20 – 30%.

Plans to install the Living Wall in the lobby of the Front Street South facility are closer to reality with the Honda donation offering health and cost saving energy measures to the benefit of building users, including agency tenants and clients served.

Honda of Canada Manufacturing’s donation reflects this. With a charitable focus including both the natural environment and the human environment, they attach great importance to having a positive influence on our country and community from an environmental perspective.

HCM’s Communications and Community Relations representative Lisa Timpf says, “HCM is a strong supporter of the environment, and we believe this is a worthwhile and valuable project. We trust that the Living Wall, once complete, will be a valued addition to your facility.”

Contact New Path Foundation through Laurie Herd at lherd@thecommonroof.ca

to contribute to the Living Wall Fund and support our social cause. The Common Roof brings non-profit human service organizations under one roof to ensure efficient use of space, service and infrastructure while providing opportunities for cross sector organization and collaboration and is an initiative of New Path Foundation.

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