Barrie Common Roof Expansion Update

Dear Agency Members

The summer months can be a time to regroup and catch a breath from the day to day rigors of running any business. New Path Foundation board and staff members were able to experience summer moments while keeping a finger on the pulse of the business of running a charitable organization.

Decisions and efforts surrounding policy development and tenant engagement for both Common Roof facilities in Barrie and Orillia have been ongoing. As well, funding and communications strategies to properly support the services arm of New Path, county wide have ramped up this summer  with maximum efforts put into accreditation standards reporting.

The Common Roof program of New Path Foundation functions well but like all business models must be viable to be successful.

The New Path Foundation board, through staff members, continues to pursue capital funding opportunities for the Barrie Common Roof expansion while looking to increase the number of tenants to fill this new space. Both these factors critically affect the progress of the Phase II expansion. Start dates have had to be postponed slightly forcing a delay in tenant occupancy to 2014. However, variable design options for the facility are being investigated regarding reduced square footage to the original plan thereby potentially helping to facilitate the above issues.

New Path will continue to forward updates to you in regard to the Phase II expansion. We appreciate that situations for all organizations can change. New Path would like to be of assistance in helping organizations manage their administrative or program space through shared space options.

Thank you for your interest in the Barrie Common Roof Phase II Expansion. For further information, please contact Neville Twine (705-733-2654 x 2229) or Laurie Herd (705-259-7663 x 3264) .

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