Local Companies Support Orillia Common Roof Living Wall

New Path Foundation’s Living Wall Fund is expanding again with contributions from two local companies who were instrumental in the construction and retrofit of the Orillia Common Roof facility.

B&B ClimateCare  installed the electrical systems while Nor-Weld Ltd. provided and installed the structural steel that saw the original slab on grade 1-storey building with a small mezzanine transformed into the striking 3-storey functional community centre it is today. 

The Living Wall, a vertical plant scape, once completed will provide both economic and health benefits to the current eleven as well as future  tenant agencies and their clients residing in the Orillia Common Roof. New Path Foundation is still accepting donations toward the Living Wall Fund and currently has space  to further accommodate  local agencies whose mission compliments the Common Roof’s philosophy of collaboration within a shared use multi-tenant facility.                                                                                                                 







 Pictured (above) is Josh Tryon Electrical Foreman of B&B Climate Care that provided a $500 Bronze donation and Leon Welch President of Nor-Weld Ltd. a $250 Oak funder to the Living Wall campaign. Thank you to both businesses for providing skilled effort in the construction of the Orillia Common Roof as well as supporting the Living Wall Fund. To learn more about the Orillia Common Roof and New Path Foundation please visit www.thecommonroof.ca  www.newpath.ca

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