Barrie Partners Committee


The Partner Committee of the Barrie Common Roof is composed of the Executive Director / CEO of each partner agency in the Common Roof as well as the Vice-President of New Path Foundation who is the link to the Building Committee. The Partner agency may delegate the representation; however, the individual should have decision making authority regarding their agency’s involvement in the Common Roof.  New Path Foundation CEO assumes the role of Chair.


The Partner Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing policies affecting their agency’s participation in the Common Roof. Policy development and review can be generated from the Partners or through discussions at the Building or Health and Safety Committees.  All policy recommendations, including acceptance of new tenants from time to time, are accomplished by consensus whenever possible.  New Path Foundation, as owner and landlord, has ultimate authority over policy and would act only when policy recommendations are not in the best interests of clients and tenants, or detrimental to its financial investment.  The Partner Committee is charged with ensuring all health and safety legislation is adhered to and is responsible for ensuring a building Health and Safety committee is in place.  The Partner Committee also ensures that common areas are maintained to standard and that there is equitable access to common areas for all Partner organizations. The Partner Committee reviews MITU statements on a regular basis and strives to reduce costs through energy efficient strategies.  The Partner Committee also determines how cost overruns may be managed as well as how year end surpluses may best be managed, and from time to time may recommend application to third party funders in order to assist with capital costs.


Meetings are held monthly or more often as necessary. Members from the Building Committee of the Health and Safety committee may be invited as required, as is the Director of Finance and Administration. Decisions made are kept in the minutes and developed as a partnership agreement document.

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