French Language Task Group


To act as a source of information and help identify what are the needs for individual agencies at the common roof in order to serve the francophone community.


French speaking representative form each agency within the common roof if possible.

  • Catulpa Community Support Services
  • Family Health Team
  • Children’s Treatment Network Simcoe York
  • New Path Youth and Family Counseling Services of Simcoe County
  • La Clé d’la Baie


  • Review what currently exists.
  • Identify the needs.
  • Develop a work plan to address the areas.
  • Research translation resources.
  • Encourage French language accessibility.


  • Meeting will be conducted in a manner that facilitates participation and discussion by all.
  • The Task Group will meet monthly or as needed.


The Task Group will report back to the Common Roof Building Committee.

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