ART SHOW – Barrie Common Roof – Reflections Art Gallery

Barrie Common Roof will be hosting amateur Photo Artist, Margaret B. Yaraskavitch, beginning Tuesday April 21st in Reflections Art Gallery.  Margaret will be featuring her works of the Beaver Valley landscape and this artwork is available to purchase.  The opening will take place on April 21st from 2:00 p.m.  to 5:00 p.m.. and refreshments will be available.  Come and support the Artist, and view her work.

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Orillia Common Roof held a Reception in Honour of Jessie Richmond

The New Path Foundation and the Richmond Fund Advisory Committee held a reception to recognize Jessie Richmond for her leadership, insight, passion and fortitude in founding the Richmond House. 

Jessie was a high school teacher in Orillia coming into the area in 1928 and teaching up until 1965.  It has been said of Jessie that she taught “a goodly proportion of Orillia” during those years and her community work saw not only the formation of the Orillia Group Home for Girls that opened in 1970 which would be renamed the Richmond House but her involvement on the Executive of the Orillia University Women’s Club, past president of St. Pau’s UCW, Elder at St. Paul’s and corresponding secretary for Simcoe Presbyterial UCW.  The Richmond House would evolve over the years to become the Richmond Youth and Family Centre spanning three decades of compassionate social service in the children’s mental health field, merging in 2000 to create New Path Youth and Family Services along with the New Path Foundation.

The Reception was well attended by friends and colleagues of Jessie and Jessie was remembered for what her legacy has created.  In honor of Jessie Richmond, the Community Kitchen at Orillia Common Roof was re-named the Jessie Richmond Community Kitchen.

 New Path is a multi-service, fully accredited, children’s mental health agency serving children, youth and families through a wide range of mental health and youth justice programs, as well as adults through partner abuse services. We focus on making a difference in the lives of those we serve helping to create a better future for individuals and the communities they live in.

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Local Companies Support Orillia Common Roof Living Wall

New Path Foundation’s Living Wall Fund is expanding again with contributions from two local companies who were instrumental in the construction and retrofit of the Orillia Common Roof facility.

B&B ClimateCare  installed the electrical systems while Nor-Weld Ltd. provided and installed the structural steel that saw the original slab on grade 1-storey building with a small mezzanine transformed into the striking 3-storey functional community centre it is today. 

The Living Wall, a vertical plant scape, once completed will provide both economic and health benefits to the current eleven as well as future  tenant agencies and their clients residing in the Orillia Common Roof. New Path Foundation is still accepting donations toward the Living Wall Fund and currently has space  to further accommodate  local agencies whose mission compliments the Common Roof’s philosophy of collaboration within a shared use multi-tenant facility.                                                                                                                 







 Pictured (above) is Josh Tryon Electrical Foreman of B&B Climate Care that provided a $500 Bronze donation and Leon Welch President of Nor-Weld Ltd. a $250 Oak funder to the Living Wall campaign. Thank you to both businesses for providing skilled effort in the construction of the Orillia Common Roof as well as supporting the Living Wall Fund. To learn more about the Orillia Common Roof and New Path Foundation please visit

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New Path Collaborates with Georgian College Design Students to Improve Waiting Rooms

With a mission to promote mental health and wellness for children, youth and families and their communities through an innovative multi-service approach, New Path Youth and Family Services continually provides opportunities for staff members to target their community engagement.

New Path’s Youth Engagement Committee is one illustration of a method to promote mental health and wellness for children, youth and families and their communities. This committee’s members wanted to offer welcoming and friendly waiting areas for youth in their facilities as identified by New Path’s young clientele themselves.

New Path staffer and Youth Engagement committee member Jenn Hansen suggested a connection with Georgian College’s Interior Decorating program. “Tapping into community resources, such as Georgian’s program could offer us some innovative ideas from a youthful perspective while engaging ‘experts’ in the process.”

Georgian’s School of Design and Visual Art facilitators seized the opportunity to incorporate New Path’s waiting room dilemma into the 2nd year Interior Decorating Studio curriculum using the Community Service Learning model (an educational approach integrating service in the community with intentional learning activities).

Five New Path offices jumped on board and decorating teams of four students were assigned to each facility. A site visit to view, measure and photograph the space and enlist client needs about functions, users and expectations initiated the process with the designs ‘unveiled’ four weeks later.

The ’experts’ came through with spectacular designs and a way to give back to their community while moving ahead with their own education. They listened to what clients had to say about the need for friendly, diverse, safe, accessible and inviting spaces. They researched design elements to fulfill these needs, and collaborated as a team to prepare and present the decorating package.

Student Laura Szusz felt that this community assignment was beneficial as it offered practical experience and skills. “We learned to work through the process together so that in the end there are little pieces of everyone’s ideas included. Designing for a client and producing a final product for a real situation was an invaluable learning opportunity!”

Interior Decorating Program Coordinator, Marlene Mitchelmore agrees that the opportunity to work with a community agency such as New Path helps to give back. “This Community Service Learning project has been a valuable experience for our Interior Decorating students and we truly appreciate the opportunity to connect with New Path all while supporting the student learning experience.”

The assignment that keeps on giving….Hearing about this project and inspired by the work that New Path Youth and Family Services carries out, first-year Interior Design student Kristine Chalmers wanted to help New Path’s Clients faced with mental health challenges by commissioning an encouraging and heartening art piece for the waiting area. Chalmers commissioned Fine Art student Dheeko Kinfe, who came highly recommended by his program co-ordinator, to complete the piece this term.

Kinfe pictured here in one of New Path’s waiting areas that will host his art and perhaps  help those that suffer from mental health issues, wears New Path’s ‘Help the 1 in 5’ t-shirt. Visit

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New Path Foundation Hosts Education Session at Orillia Common Roof

New Path Foundation hosted an informative ‘New Not For Profit Tax Regulations and the Influence of Social Media’ education session at the Orillia Common Roof recently, facilitated by New Path Board member Jeff Legault (2nd from right)and the Planned Giving Counsel of Simcoe County. Planned Giving Counsel members representing various local agencies are pictured here along with workshop Presenters Mike Bunn(far left) and Chris Pauze (far right) of Grant Thornton. A donation for the Orillia Common Roof Living Wall Fund to recognize  New Path Foundation for providing  space for this event will be forwarded from the Planned Giving Counsel of Simcoe County.

For more information about these organizations please visit:

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Art Show Featuring Casey Carpenter – Barrie Common Roof – December 3, 2012

Casey Carpenter art show

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Barrie Common Roof Expansion Update

Dear Agency Members

The summer months can be a time to regroup and catch a breath from the day to day rigors of running any business. New Path Foundation board and staff members were able to experience summer moments while keeping a finger on the pulse of the business of running a charitable organization.

Decisions and efforts surrounding policy development and tenant engagement for both Common Roof facilities in Barrie and Orillia have been ongoing. As well, funding and communications strategies to properly support the services arm of New Path, county wide have ramped up this summer  with maximum efforts put into accreditation standards reporting.

The Common Roof program of New Path Foundation functions well but like all business models must be viable to be successful.

The New Path Foundation board, through staff members, continues to pursue capital funding opportunities for the Barrie Common Roof expansion while looking to increase the number of tenants to fill this new space. Both these factors critically affect the progress of the Phase II expansion. Start dates have had to be postponed slightly forcing a delay in tenant occupancy to 2014. However, variable design options for the facility are being investigated regarding reduced square footage to the original plan thereby potentially helping to facilitate the above issues.

New Path will continue to forward updates to you in regard to the Phase II expansion. We appreciate that situations for all organizations can change. New Path would like to be of assistance in helping organizations manage their administrative or program space through shared space options.

Thank you for your interest in the Barrie Common Roof Phase II Expansion. For further information, please contact Neville Twine (705-733-2654 x 2229) or Laurie Herd (705-259-7663 x 3264) .

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New Path Foundation Announces The AGENCY as a key partner in

New Path Foundation announced today its selection of its new agency of record, The AGENCY located in Orillia. The announcement comes as part of a 2012 initiative to help the Foundation and its critically needed supports gain a better understanding and awareness within Simcoe County.   The AGENCY will be working to re-define and develop a strong new brand position for New Path Foundation’s new “Help4The1in5” Campaign to be launched later this year.  James Thomson, Vice President of Resource Development for the New Path Foundation stated “we are tremendously excited to be working in partnership with The AGENCY and are looking forward to an incredible awareness and fundraising campaign integrating social media in a new and innovative way.”

The AGENCY will be handling the creative branding and execution of a planned on-going digital marketing and donor engagement strategy.  The efforts are designed to get local families and community partners involved in better understanding the staggering statistic that 1 in 5 children are affected by Mental Health issues and what they can do to help.   Through an approachable brand, New Path Foundation is looking to extend its reach into the communities it serves and bring about much needed awareness to programs and support workers that often go unrecognized for the work they do in helping families and children affected by mental health challenges.

 About The AGENCY
The AGENCY is a Boutique Branding & Digital Marketing Agency located in Orillia and servicing Southern Ontario.  Positioned as a resource for Marketing Leaders, The AGENCY works with organizations looking to effectively brand, build and market in the digital landscape. As a leader in innovative branding, The AGENCY blends a unique philosophy of storytelling to emotionally open up brands to end-user engagement.  Results oriented, The AGENCY works in industry sectors such as retail, franchising, quick service restaurants & non-profit where brand performance and strategy is paramount to organization growth.  For more information visit

 About New Path Foundation
New Path Foundation is a public foundation with a volunteer board of directors which serves as a link between donors, charitable interests and the vital needs of community members. New Path Foundation develops and manages philanthropic investment and mobilizes community support directed to New Path Youth and Family Services, meeting the needs of children, youth and families.  The foundation brings non-profit human service organizations under one roof through its Common Roof facilities.   The Common Roof initiative helps to ensure efficient use of space, service and infrastructure for the in-house agencies while providing opportunities for cross sector organization and collaboration.

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Orillia Common Roof Living Wall Receives a Boost With a Donation From Honda Canada Manufacturing

The Living Wall fund for the Orillia Common Roof received a boost recently with a donation from Honda of Canada Manufacturing.

New Path Foundation received the $5200 contribution to support the development costs of this unique interior plant scape for their Orillia co-location and multi-service facility located at 169 Front Street South.

A Living Wall is a vertical hydroponic green wall which effectively removes common indoor contaminants to improve the indoor environment. Air is forced through the green wall of plants and biological components cleaning the air which is then distributed throughout the space by a mechanical ventilation system. Since the clean indoor air does not need further heating or cooling as outside air would require, substantial energy costs for building energy consumed would be reduced by 20 – 30%.

Plans to install the Living Wall in the lobby of the Front Street South facility are closer to reality with the Honda donation offering health and cost saving energy measures to the benefit of building users, including agency tenants and clients served.

Honda of Canada Manufacturing’s donation reflects this. With a charitable focus including both the natural environment and the human environment, they attach great importance to having a positive influence on our country and community from an environmental perspective.

HCM’s Communications and Community Relations representative Lisa Timpf says, “HCM is a strong supporter of the environment, and we believe this is a worthwhile and valuable project. We trust that the Living Wall, once complete, will be a valued addition to your facility.”

Contact New Path Foundation through Laurie Herd at

to contribute to the Living Wall Fund and support our social cause. The Common Roof brings non-profit human service organizations under one roof to ensure efficient use of space, service and infrastructure while providing opportunities for cross sector organization and collaboration and is an initiative of New Path Foundation.

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New Art Show Featuring a Youth Artist Begins October 4th at Barrie Common Roof

Click Art Show October 2012 f0r more details.

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